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2018.07 Developed and released Mobile Window Panel Tester VMS-8S 0.5
2018.07 Busan Branch Office Open
2017.02 Obtained the patent for Optical Measuring Apparatus And Cuvette Holder
2017.05 Obtained the patent for Device for Supporting Optical Characteristic Measuring Objects and The Apparatus for Measuring Optical Characteristic
2016.12 Developed and released UroMate Portable Uroflowmeter
2016.12 Developed and released Mega-ATS Automated Optical Filter Transmittance Measurement System
2015.03 The 2nd Dae-Jeon Factory Open
2015.11 Developed and released Mobile Window Panel Tester, VMS-8S
2015.11 Released SCINChrom Columns for HPLC / GC
2014.02 Developed and released Nano-MD Spectrophotometer
2014.02 Developed and released Mega array UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
2014.03 Developed and released Mega-2100 Double Beam UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
2013.01 Acquired Medical device manufacturing and importing license
2013.04 Prime Ministry Awards for scientists and information technology experts
2013.12 Developed and released Isothermal amplifier i-Gene S
2012.02 Developed and released ColorMate (3rd generation Color Spectrophotometer)
2012.04 Open Scinco China Shenzhen office
2012.06 Developed and released Roll Checker (In-Chain Strand Condition Monitor)
2012.12 Developed and released Nano Stick
2011.01 SCINCO Shanghai Open
2011.02 Acquired ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14000:2004 Certificate
2011.12 SCINCO HQ Premises Relocation to Samseong-Dong
2010.02 Developed and launched Mobil Window Panel Tester, VMS-1
2010.05 Acquired UL Certificate for PDA UV Vis Spectrophotometer, S-3100 and Fluorescence Spectrometer, FS-2
2009.04 Jang Young Shil Awards
(Korea’s highest honor for excellence in Technology innovation) for Fluorescence Spectrometer, FS-2
2009.11 Awards from Ministry of Knowledge Economy (in New Technology Actualization Competition)
for Fluorescence Spectrometer, FS-2
2008.09 Acquired CE Certificate for Fluorescence Spectrometer, FS-2
2008.11 SCINCO Taiwan Open
2008.12 Developed and Launched Double Beam UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, NEOSYS-2000
2007.01 Obtained the patent for invention of Automatic Referencing Stage, the Accessory
for PDA UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
2007.02 Developed and launched Fluorescence Spectrometer, FS-2
2007.03 Acquired INNO-BIZ
2007.09 Prime Minister Awards in Innovative Technology Show
2006.10 Awards from the Korean Society for Applied Biological Chemistry (Technology)
2006.12 Developed and launched Confocal Raman Microscope Spectrometer, RS-1
2006.12 XRD, XRF Launched
2005.05 Dae-Jeon Branch Office Open, Korea
2005.05 SCINCO R&D Center moved to a larger facility
in Dae-Jeon Branch Office
2005.09 Acquired CE Certificate for PDA UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, S-4100
2005.11 Acquired KT Certificate for Fluorescence Spectrophotometer, FS-1
2004.08 GD (Good Design) Acquisition for PDA UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, S-3100
2004.10 Awards from the Korean Chemical Society
(Advancement of Technology)
2004.11 SCINCO China Representative Open
2004.11 SCINCO America Open
2003.05 Obtained a patent for invention of High Resolution Multi Functional Color Spectrophotometer
2003.09 Acquired INNO-BIZ
2003.12 Awards from the Ministry of Science and Technology
2002.02 Acquired ISO 9001:2000 Certificate
2002.03 SCINCO Europe Open
2002.09 Acquired CE Certificate for Color Spectrophotometer, ColorMate
2002.10 Prime Minister Awards for the excellent Capital Goods
2001.07 Acquired CE Certificate for PDA UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, S-3100 Series
2001.10 Developed and launched High Pressure Vessel
2001.11 KT Mark Acquisition for Color Spectrophotometer, ColorMate
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